American Pitbull Terrier

The most breed, even rase, who got the most undeserved reputation. It's not a pure apbt who get loose and…

The most breed, even rase, who got the most undeserved reputation.

It’s not a pure apbt who get loose and bit first thing the see. That’s mixed “Amstaffs” who has been broken down beacuse they think it will make the dog thougher. They could use a German Shepherd or any kind of breed and put in a case then hit it with sticks until it’s broken down by people it will bite first thing it sees beacuse it’s scared and broken down.

A APBT is the only breed with no kind of rules about how it looks, it’s psych only that’s a critea for breeding. “A scared dog is a dangerous dog“ that’s a long true known saying.

But sadly it has a bad Reputation. Here in Sweden 🇸🇪 you can’t even Register your APBT as an apbt beacuse they are banned from the only dog breeding Register we have.

Why? The simple reason, media. A first page with a Amstaffmix who bitten someone in a leg or so doesn’t sell. But PITBULL/KILLER DOG sells better.

They have always used thoose words together “Kamphund”(=Fightdog) & Pitbull in every sentence, beacuse it “looked like a Pitbull”.

In Sweden maybe there’s a total of some 300 real Pitbulls with it’s Pedigree front ADBA “American Dog Breeding Association” who’s the largest dog breeding association.. There thoose some 300 dogs all have a Document/Register from ADBA. Thoose people have a genuine knowledge and interest of this breed APBT.

Thoose dogs ancestors did fight in a Pit to create this wonderful breed. But there’s let’s say sadly no other way to really test a dogs psych maximum.

If a dog put down his tail and was scared in the PIT, they was picken out from the ring and serialized it/put it to sleep.

May sound raw, but they only breed on dogs with GAME – Easy explained as like… A dog that have got a broken bone, or an ear lesser undera fight, but it still not curs, shows weakness and still fighting, not beacuse it have been broken down, bthe opposit, he doesn’t show any weakness, thanks of the dogs under 1960-forward. Especially the breeders who keept those bloodlines by good breeding so it is the most wonderful dog breed there is.

But you can’t have a Pit bull as you can with a golden or such.

Pitbull love and need to work VERY much more then any other breed, maybe beacuse it parents got game and with game comes a WONDERFUL APBT.

But it also needs much more workout both fysical and psychical to compensate for the workout from a MMA FIGHT.

If you take care of an APBT right when it comes to workout (run in the woods, springpole, Weight Pulling, slice some trees and much more option)

Then you won’t find a bettern dog. It is with you all the time and does everything you do.

But it’s really not a breed for everyone it needs extra, but you’ll get it back ten times of loyality and love.

If you are interested to known more about this breed. Please visit our website with a Community for people with genuine knowledge and/or interest in this breed: APBT – American Pitbull Terrier – Pitbull/Pit Bull – GAMEDOG at GAMEDOG.NU:

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